Bow Tie Bliss Pajamas

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Celebrate love with a dash of dapperness in our Bow Tie Bliss pajamas. This charming pattern, adorned with snazzy top hats, XOs, and suave red bowties is a salute to the heart's festivities. Perfect for your little heartbreaker's slumber, these PJs pair seamlessly with Zippy's matching set for the sweetest Valentine's dreams!

Fits True to Size

Every little cub is unique, so let our size chart help guide you toward the coziest fit. Still uncertain? Our customer support team is here to assist!

Bear Hug Softness: Dive into a world of comfort, where each pajama feels like a bear's gentle hug, thanks to our unique fabric blend.

95% Bamboo Bliss: Nature's cuddle to your little one, now even cozier for Valentine's. Our bamboo fabric, known for its cloud-like softness and breathability, is perfect for children's delicate skin. This exclusive Valentine collection uses a thicker blend of bamboo to keep your cubs warm and snug. Hypoallergenic and with natural anti-microbial properties, it ensures a fresh, safe snuggle all through playful days and restful nights.

5% Playful Stretch: We've integrated a touch of spandex for that necessary stretch, ensuring our PJs support every adventure from dusk till dawn, encapsulating unrestricted fun and cozy warmth for those chilly Valentine's evenings.

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For the best care of your child's pajamas:

Gentle Handling: Always use a gentle wash cycle with cold water. Preserve Colors & Design: Turn your item inside out before washing to protect its vibrant look.

Drying: After washing, tumble dry on a low setting to maintain the quality and longevity of the fabric.

Following these care guidelines will ensure your product remains in top condition for many wears to come!

Combine the cuteness

Bow Tie Bliss

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Match with your new bestie

Bamboo Viscose

natural luxury of hypoallergenic bamboo

Cloud Soft

unmatched softness, as gentle as a cloud


ensuring uninterrupted play and rest

Sensory Friendly

ultimate comfort including a tagless design

Parent Endorsed

by parents who crave the best for their cubs


stretches to fit longer