Unzip the heartwarming world of Zip N' Bear™, where the journey from playtime to bedtime unfolds a tale of personal triumph and cherished childhood memories.

We are Amy and Evelyn – cousins and best friends deeply connected by family and the wonder of childhood. Drawing inspiration from our own little cubs and beloved plush companions of the past, we set out on a heartfelt mission: to fill every family moment with the same warmth that has defined our dearest memories.

Amy, a creative spirit and mother of two, treasures the memories of her childhood teddy bear — her most loyal source of solace and companionship through personal challenges.

Upon becoming a mother, Amy saw her children's deep connection with teddy bears which resurfaced her own treasured memories. Inspired, she imagined "the most special teddy of them all" uniquely designed with a zipper pocket symbolizing hidden hopes and dreams. Amy's vision went beyond just a source of comfort during challenges, but the ultimate companion championing the aspirations inside every young heart.

Evelyn, a distinguished occupational therapist and mother of one, has dedicated her career to supporting children's sensory development and overall well-being.

An expert on the tactile sensitivities of children, Evelyn was inspired to design a line of pajamas crafted for sensory-friendly style. These aren't just ordinary pajamas; they're engineered to maximize comfort and foster healthy sleep patterns for all children, especially those with touch sensitivities. Evelyn's expertise affirmed the embodiment of comfort meets care.
And so, Zip N' Bear was born with Zippy the Bear at its heart – not just any teddy but a guardian of dreams who nurtures creativity and ensures playtime to bedtime is safe and magical.

To us, Zip N' Bear isn't merely a brand; it's a close-knit family extending its open arms to embrace yours. Our supremely soft pajamas and matching underwear, paired with Zippy's unwavering affection, weave moments of connection, comfort, and imagination into daily life. Thank you for welcoming Zip N' Bear into your homes. Your family's love and trust fuel our passion, and we can't wait to be a part of your sweet dreams and self-care.

With warmth and excitement,


Co-founders of Zip N' Bear